Indian ink & acrylic spray paint on paper.


So once again I got the opportunity to work with Addidas and Krooked Type for their We Are Originals campaign. This time around I got to do my very own solo piece, under the super vision of MASER, Albert Hooi and Fraher, the current members of Krooked Type.
The piece I had submitted was one of the two of my 'Equations' pieces, posted a few months back, and after having altered it to give it more of a vibrant Addidas feel I decided I wanted to give a completely twist for this campaign. Since I thoroughly enjoy set building and making crafty little things with my hands, I put some perspective into the piece. Literally. It was a huge challenge as we had only three days to complete the piece. After the three days I managed to create what you see above. Three days after it's compleation forty-eight billboards of my piece were put up all over Ireland for Champion Sport. Such an exciting project and certainly one that strengthen my love and confidence in 3D pieces. Thanks to Krooked Type for their confidence an support. Final photography by Albert Hooi.


Sober industries is the collaboration of two graphic artist, Tim Boin and Basto Elbers. Eienwijs Produkties is the union of two DJs, Timo Van Muiswinkel and Sjoerd Pos
t. The music and artistic event that was AANWEZIG was their mastermind collaboration to give Rotterdam a party like no other. With over 15 DJ's spinning the decks and over eight artist painting live, it certainly was a party never to be forgotten. Here's a rough idea of what went on from my perspective. See the rest here at www.aanwezig.nu

Also see it from their perspective...


Maatschappij Voor Volksgeluk
is one of Rotterdam's most prominent party organisers. From movie nights parties, to warehouse parties, to art exhibitions and intimate dinners, MAVV has become a word to get excited about for the past year. They have held parties in association with Rotterdam's Witte de With festival, the International Film Festival Rotterdam, as well as just having a party for the sake of having a party and giving the people of Rotterdam a place to have some good clean fun! This particular party, Studio Paneik, was linked to the Witte de With festival of summer 2010. It took place in an old dance studio just off Witte of the With and was in my opinion one of the best parties of the whole festival. You can find more information on MAVV events past, present and future at www.mavv.nl. Photographed by Milan Boonstra at www.milanboonstra.com


2010 Mysteryland's had asked Uit Je Doek! to create a mini-festival within their already massive festival. Having done an amazing job at Solar festival 2010 they collaborated once more with Sober Industries to make Club Mad. The mini festival was all about performances, creativity and a bit of silliness in the midst of the festivals music and partying. This was my contribution to the mini festival. You can see more of Sober Industries work on their website www.sober-industries.com.


And this is what came of it...3D lettering constructed from box card and painted with acrylic and Indian ink. My intention was to make warped letterforms which would then be abstracted with the painted random pattern. To creating a more dynamic feel, each letter was hung  askew and in different angles and heights, they were then photographed from different points of view within a specially constructed stage. With a dark setting the letters, which actually make up the word MADE, were once again subverted into a even more abstract state. The stage was a high gloss black, which meant reflections from the lettering could be picked up in photograph, this then added another element of depth to the composition. Colour was introduced by the means of colourful paper boxes and triangular confetti. Both of these were arranged meticulously, carefully noting the reflective element of the setting, to give a certain flow to the piece.

This piece was especially created for MADE YOU THINK magazine. A publication celebrating the work of 50 independent artist all over The Netherlands in the space of 50 pages. From Photographers, to illustrators to designers, each person will get a single page to show their piece. Out of the 50 artist there will be 20 people picked to exhibit in TrouwAmsterdam in Mid May 2010.

Special thanks to Renate De Kline and Frank Hanssen for their support and for being super mega awesome...xo

A sneak peek

Just a little something I've been working on...more to come.

Cut Through Snowboard Design

Grafik Armor, makers of high quality snowboard decal wraps along with Forsnowboarding have launched their first ever design competition. My design submission was inspired by previous piece below, which in itself was a vector challenge. Being a huge fan of pattern sketching, I have always been annoyed by the  fact that I could never be arsed to replicate my drawings to vector format, which for me would be a more exciting format and one that could be easily manipulated. All designs can be seen here...


An illustration I had made a few months back that was neglected and forgotten. Initially black in on cartridge paper, then taken to the digital level. Coloured and certain patterns were added in photoshop and illustrator. It feels a little more lively, yet still to be used for something more appropriate.


All throughout my early teenage years I painted like a demon. It was my entertainment, my love and my passion. As I grew older and I began to paint less and less. I allowed so many other different distraction and activities pull me away. So for Christmas 2009 I decide to revive my love for painting. This series was created for my wonderful Mother [and equally wonderful Father], to be hung in their new apartment.


After much deliberation and furious collaborations the metrodc stationary and identity has been finalised and sent to print. The design for the logo was previously created by head honcho Robert Kerssing a few months back, while the letterheading was designed by Pieter van der Beek and the rest by myself under cool handed and gentle direction of Joost Van Gorsel and Jacco Bakker. And so after ridiculous amounts of design variations, it has finally come together. In some cases one could say too many cooks spoil the broth but in this case, enough cooks and plenty of time makes for a tasty result. Phew.

Come see what we're really up to visit the Metrodc website.


Being situated on the ground floor of the Creative Cube, The Lungo Esspresso bar have the unfortunate task of feeding the Metrodc crew from time to time. Also being our coffee and tea dealers, they see each and everyone of us on a daily basis. So it was no surprise that they came to Metrodc for their new seasons menu design. With their old menu being fun, self-standing and extremely interactive, the change to from a three dimensional to a two dimensional format was fairly drastic. The challenge was to some how make this transition less obvious, by maintaining its original element of interaction. So to compliment their new retro cafe look, I created a design that fell dynamically into an asymmetric grid. This meant that diagonal layout of the menu forced customers to interact with the menu, as they picked it out of the stand and turned their head this way and that, to choose their drinks and meals. The warm tones and matt laminate finish added to the retro almost New York School style of the menu.


Pattern play, and attempt to find a suitable pattern for metrodc to incorporate in their identity, website and stationary. These were the fun pieces, rejected off course but they always had a life beyond stationary. Watch this space for some more possible outcomes both on the identity and pattern play.


Thriving Dutch online fashion magazine Iconique, is one of Holland's biggest fashion website. With it's dark and ├╝ber modern style, the Iconique brand, founded and directed by Joost Van Gorsel, required a business card design that reflected the contemporary pizazz that the site so strongly upholds. With a hint of influence by Alexy Brodovich and Man Ray, the concept created was edgy and sharp. The faceted shapes, dark gradient overtones, and diamond pattern uv spot print was then softened with the use of clean modern type.

Click through to www.iconique.com