So once again I got the opportunity to work with Addidas and Krooked Type for their We Are Originals campaign. This time around I got to do my very own solo piece, under the super vision of MASER, Albert Hooi and Fraher, the current members of Krooked Type.
The piece I had submitted was one of the two of my 'Equations' pieces, posted a few months back, and after having altered it to give it more of a vibrant Addidas feel I decided I wanted to give a completely twist for this campaign. Since I thoroughly enjoy set building and making crafty little things with my hands, I put some perspective into the piece. Literally. It was a huge challenge as we had only three days to complete the piece. After the three days I managed to create what you see above. Three days after it's compleation forty-eight billboards of my piece were put up all over Ireland for Champion Sport. Such an exciting project and certainly one that strengthen my love and confidence in 3D pieces. Thanks to Krooked Type for their confidence an support. Final photography by Albert Hooi.