And this is what came of it...3D lettering constructed from box card and painted with acrylic and Indian ink. My intention was to make warped letterforms which would then be abstracted with the painted random pattern. To creating a more dynamic feel, each letter was hung  askew and in different angles and heights, they were then photographed from different points of view within a specially constructed stage. With a dark setting the letters, which actually make up the word MADE, were once again subverted into a even more abstract state. The stage was a high gloss black, which meant reflections from the lettering could be picked up in photograph, this then added another element of depth to the composition. Colour was introduced by the means of colourful paper boxes and triangular confetti. Both of these were arranged meticulously, carefully noting the reflective element of the setting, to give a certain flow to the piece.

This piece was especially created for MADE YOU THINK magazine. A publication celebrating the work of 50 independent artist all over The Netherlands in the space of 50 pages. From Photographers, to illustrators to designers, each person will get a single page to show their piece. Out of the 50 artist there will be 20 people picked to exhibit in TrouwAmsterdam in Mid May 2010.

Special thanks to Renate De Kline and Frank Hanssen for their support and for being super mega awesome...xo