Being situated on the ground floor of the Creative Cube, The Lungo Esspresso bar have the unfortunate task of feeding the Metrodc crew from time to time. Also being our coffee and tea dealers, they see each and everyone of us on a daily basis. So it was no surprise that they came to Metrodc for their new seasons menu design. With their old menu being fun, self-standing and extremely interactive, the change to from a three dimensional to a two dimensional format was fairly drastic. The challenge was to some how make this transition less obvious, by maintaining its original element of interaction. So to compliment their new retro cafe look, I created a design that fell dynamically into an asymmetric grid. This meant that diagonal layout of the menu forced customers to interact with the menu, as they picked it out of the stand and turned their head this way and that, to choose their drinks and meals. The warm tones and matt laminate finish added to the retro almost New York School style of the menu.